Welcome to my Nutrition, Weight Loss and Wellness Program. Your decision to take control of your health and your weight is one of the greatest decision that you can take for your long term and wellness. This course has helped many to:

  • Achieve normal weight
  • Reduce or eliminate medication
  • Reduce their risks of chronic disease
  • Increase energy
  • Improve quality of life
  • Normalize blood sugar

Of course, your results may vary.

How does it work?

Work through each numbered item by clicking on the blue hyperlink.  This will take you to the course content.  If you have questions or feel that you need additional support, please feel free to use the contact page to send me a message HERE.  (Please be advised that I cannot give medical advice.  This program is based on lifestyle management of weight and health.  I cannot provide medical advice.  Thank you for understanding.)

Best set wishes to you in your weight loss and journey to total health.

Course Outline
  1. My story HERE
  2. My free e-booklet, click on image below.
Module 1 Content – Obesity and Losing Weight
  1. Cause of Obesity  HERE
  2. Counting Calories  HERE
  3. Exercise and Weight Loss  HERE
  4. How to Lose Weight  HERE
  5. Insulin – Friend or Foe?  HERE
  6. Eat To Your Meter HERE
  7. What is Nutritional Ketosis?  HERE
Module 2 Content – Healthy Eating
  1. Dr. Sara Hallberg – Ignoring Guidelines  HERE
  2. Dr. Theodore Naiman* – Diet  HERE
  3. Sugar, Starches and Grains  HERE
  4. Cholesterol and Fat  HERE
  5. Don’t Force the Fat  HERE
  6. Can I Say it Again?  Don’t Force the Fat  HERE
Module 3 Content – Other Healthy Lifestyle Practices
  1. Exercise  HERE
  2. Sleep  HERE
  3. Stress and Depression  HERE
Module 4 Content – Troubleshooting Weight Loss
  1. Troubleshooting Weight Loss  HERE
  2. Intermittent Fasting  HERE
  3. “You Must Be Doing It Wrong”  HERE
  4. Low Carb Mistakes – Net Carbs – Part 1 – Sugar Alcohols HERE
  5. Low Carb Mistakes – Net Carbs – Part 2 – Fiber HERE
  6. When it is NOT Time to Lose Weight  HERE

Other Resources: 

Recommended Reading List  HERE