Special Thanks


This list is by no means completed.  I will be adding to it frequently.

Special thanks to Maria Emmerich for writing the books that made a huge impact on my health and well being.  I thank her for her support all along the way, always patiently answering my questions, giving of her time and knowledge to teach me.  Her website is a constant resource for me.  Words cannot express my gratitude.

Find her book Keto Adapted here

Find her amazing website here

Special thanks to my amazing friend Ellen Davis of Ketogenic Diet Resource.  This is a website that I have relied on for quite some time, but only recently met its author.  She kindly gave of her time and expertise to help me get this website up and running and has been a continued support to me.  Thank you Ellen.

Find her fantastic website here

Thank you to my dear friend Libby of the website Ditch the Carbs.  She has been an amazing supporter and an incredibly valuable resource for low carb education.  You will find her content linked to numerous times throughout my site.  Thank you Libby.

Find her awesome website here

Thank you to my dear friend, Franziska Spritzler, the Low Carb Dietitian, who has become a trusted mentor and a continued source of support.

Find her amazing website here

Of course, there are the most supportive and loving people in my life, my amazing family.  They are my support, my rocks.  I could not have asked for a more loving and supportive environment.

I also want to thank my incredible online family, RD Dikeman and the ENTIRE Grit family, every one of them, they have changed my life forever (website here), LeeAnn Teagno, amazing food blogger (website here), Steve Cooksey, the fearless 😉 Diabetes Warrior (website here), the incredible Dr. Richard K. Bernstein (website here), the amazing “Butter” Bob Briggs (website here), the awesome Dr. Theodore Naiman (website here), as well as incredibly supportive group members Allison Gismondi, Pamela Smith,  Kathy Page, Kristi Sullivan, Barbara Busaca, Gary Snow, Ron Gillespie, Scott Fredrick, Marty Kendall, Mike Julian, and all my group members who inspire me daily.  I am thankful to the healthcare professionals who have reached out to me, sharing their knowledge and giving me support.

I know I have missed folks.  I will correct that.  This list will grow and grow.