Hi folks! I want to tell you about something very exciting!  As a diabetes nurse educator, you are all aware that I promote frequent blood sugar testing for optimal control.  As a person who regularly checks my own blood sugar, I am really excited about an amazing new tool!  Who out there wouldn’t love painless fingersticks?  Or, how about not even using the fingertips at all?!

Welcome Genteel!

Genteel is a virtually painless lancing device that does some amazing things.  First, it makes an extremely shallow puncture, so sensitive nerve endings are avoided.  Next, it uses gentle vacuum to draw out a blood sample, so no more squeezing your fingers.  Also, and here is the great part, you can use alternative testing sites and avoid the fingertips altogether!  Different sized tips allow you to use various testing sites to obtain just the right sized sample every time.  Finally,  re-draws are sometimes possible from a previously used test site.

Let’s go over that again:

  • Pain free sticks
  • No finger squeezing
  • Alternate test sites
  • Redraws

I love my Genteel!  What I noticed immediately after using it, is that I had no soreness or bruising, something I typically get with sticks.  Fingersticks were gentle and alternate site testing was a breeze!

Now here is the best part, Genteel is generously offering my readers $10 off.  Make sure to use the coupon code LOWCARBRN to get your discount.

Step 1: Click HERE to be directed to the Genteel page

Step 2: Scroll down to “Buy Now” and click on it


Step 3: Pick your color

Step 4: Enter the coupon code LOWCARBRN


Step 5: Checkout.


Step 6:  Share your Genteel experience and receive a special gift HERE

For you parents out there, watch these touching videos:

  • A Child’s Journey to Overcoming Fear of Fingersticks HERE
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Genteel’s Educational Video Series

  • How Genteel Draws Blood Without Pain  HERE
  • 1.  What Comes in Your Genteel Kit  HERE
  • 2.  How Genteel Works  HERE
  • 3.  Testing Procedure  HERE
  • 4.  Selecting the Right Contact Tip for Alternate Site  HERE
  • 5.  Selecting the Right Contact Tips for Finger Testing  HERE
  • 6.  How to Determine Which Lancet to Use with Genteel  HERE
  • 7.  Exciting New Genteel Development – Redraw  HERE

Find these videos and more on YouTube  HERE

Genteel was recently featured in Diabetes in Control magazine, HERE and HERE.

Watch my video demonstration HERE (coming soon!)