A Special Note

It is a popular belief among scientists, researches and physicians, who have made nutrition a focus of diligent research, that humans have existed for millions of years.  In many of the references on this site, these ideas will be included as part of the dietary advice.  Due to my religious convictions, I do not agree with humans having existed for millions of years nor in evolution.  However, aside from that, the dietary advice I believe to be 100% correct.  I do believe humans thrive on the “hunter/gatherer” type diet as outlined on this page.  Those human populations who have lived in this way throughout mankind’s (shorter) history, and continue to do so today, have thrived with very little to no chronic disease.  So rather than my difference of opinion being dietary in nature, it is religious in nature and not the subject of this page.  This page is designed to provide nutrition information, not for religious debate.  But I felt it was important for me to clarify up front, as I have spent 35 years on a quest for spiritual truth and my convictions are strong.  So regardless of your beliefs about human history, the dietary advice on this page is 100% applicable today.