Drugs to Treat Diabetes

Welcome to my new page providing education on pharmaceuticals used in diabetes care.  Please note that at times, it is difficult to state in non-medical terms how exactly these drugs work and the concerns with them.  I will do my best to make the information understandable.  If you have input on the articles, please feel free to message me through the contact page or through a message on Facebook, where I will be posting the articles as they are released.

Why am I doing this series?  Unfortunately, I have found that the majority of those whom I work with in the treatment of diabetes, are on a host of medications that they know nothing about.  They are often not educated by their healthcare provider on how the drugs work and any potential side effects or complications that could accompany the use of the drug.  Education is the key to good health.  I feel that it is extremely important before beginning any medication, that one be well informed.  This series will hopefully provide the missing information to help people make informed decisions.  I also include my personal experiences with the use of the medications, what I have observed in those taking them, for those that wish to know how I personally feel about the medications.


Please note, this information is intended for educational purposes only and not intended as specific medical advice for you personally.  Please consult your personal healthcare provider to discuss the benefits and risks of any medications prescribed for you.

*Additionally, please note that in providing my personal opinions with concerns for these medications, once again, these are my opinions only and not intended as advice for you personally.

Many people, after reading these articles, tell me they are taking these drugs and ask what I would recommend.  Please note: these articles were provided for education, not for the purpose of making any recommendations to anyone in particular. I cannot make any recommendations for you personally. I can only say what I would PERSONALLY take if I needed to. If you read through my entire drug series, you will see that the only medications I would PERSONALLY take if I was giving a low carb lifestyle 100% commitment, plus exercise and all of the other lifestyle factors (enough sleep, stress management, etc.) and my blood sugar was still not controlled…for me I would only consider (possibly metformin if I could tolerate it) and insulin. If my body cannot make enough insulin to cover less than 50g of carbs per day (I actually do 30g), then it is truly deficient in insulin and that is what I would give it. But again, that is a personal decision I have made based on my own knowledge and what I am willing to accept. It is not a recommendation for anyone else. However, if you are not giving lifestyle management 100% commitment, I would advise doing that. That is ALWAYS a recommendation I am willing to make to anyone.  

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Oral Medications





SGLT-2 Inhibitors

DPP4 Inhibitors


Injectible Medications

GLP-1 Agonists

Using Insulin

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