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This page is dedicated to helping people achieve health and wellness through a low carb – healthy fat – whole food approach and other health building lifestyle practices.

Much of the content here is collected from highly respected, well researched sources from all over the web, as well as my own original content.  Please note, however, that I do not believe that any one individual has all of the answers to health and wellness.  Nor do I believe that there is one approach that works for every person.  So feel free to browse through all of the content, knowing that only you can determine what is best for you.  Take what information is helpful to you and discard what is not.  There is no one “expert” that I am in 100% agreement with*, nor do I have all the answers you need, for you.  The field of nutrition research still has so much yet to be discovered.  What I have come to believe, and what has worked for me, is what you will find in my e-booklets under the Start Here tab.  I am fully confident that this information will be helpful to others like me, such as those with pre-diabetes, or diabetes, those that are overweight, have high blood pressure or cholesterol problems, and even other health concerns like reflux, insomnia and depression.

Therefore, this is not a site for nutritional debate. If you disagree with a low carb, healthy fat, whole food, active, healthy lifestyle, this is not the site for you. Please visit a site that better suits your health views. This site is for education and support.

Hoping this information will help you on your journey to health and total wellness.



Disclaimer: This site is for health and nutrition education only.  None of the nutrition, health and wellness information contained on this site was part of my education as a healthcare professional, as nutritional approach to health and wellness is NOT part of the curriculum in current healthcare education (sad but true.)  The information contained in this site is from my relentless pursuit to learn the truth about nutrition and wellness, while rejecting the current harmful nutritional guidelines.  I also share here my own personal experiences.  Therefore, the information in this site should not be constituted as medical advice and does not substitute for advice from your personal healthcare provider.  I am writing here as a fellow health and wellness advocate, not as a healthcare professional.  I do not provide individualized medical advice.   Please check with your healthcare provider before acting on any advice contained on this site.

Good health to you.

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