Reopening the Site

Hi folks!  As I mentioned back in November, I had taken the site down (marked as private) to do some updating and maintenance. Then my email started filling up with requests to view the site.  About 20 times a week I was getting requests to view the site, and I tried to grant all the requests but it took me a while to get to all of them.  I still haven’t.  So I have reopened the site and I will just work on it while it’s open.  I’m truly touched that the site is still beneficial to all of you.  To be honest, I miss writing very much.  It is my passion.  But educating my teens and being a nurse keeps me busy about 12 hours per day.  I’ve also been heavily involved in volunteer work recently.  I’m hoping to resume writing soon.  Please accept my warm regards for a healthy and happy year to come!  I’m looking forward to so many things this year.  Hopefully I can share some of those things with you!  Be well!