Does Anyone Hate Memes as Much As I Do?

When I teach low carb to folks to help them regain their health, my goal is only to educate so that people can make THEIR OWN, informed, decisions, NOT to coerce, or force them into this way of living.  And, if they try this way of life and don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for them, well, then I would want them to find the way that is best for them.  Just because this way of living works AMAZINGLY for ME, doesn’t mean that it will work for all people, or that everyone will be happy doing this.  I feel NO need to shame or guilt people into this way of living.

However, there are some folks out there that do just that.  And their #1 tool, RIDICULOUS MEMES! Memes that are insulting, belittling, narrow minded, ones that often quote studies with unsupported, biased claims (in the hopes that people will just believe what is on the meme instead of actually doing the research for themselves AND knowing that there are probably dozens of studies that came to an OPPOSITE conclusion of the one they are quoting).  (My article HERE “Why I Don’t Quote a Lot of Nutritional Studies”)

Why do people feel the need to insult or shame people into their way of thinking?  And if that way of living was SO GREAT, why do they need to SELL IT SO HARD by guilting people into it?  Really, no one is influenced by silly memes.  In fact, people usually just roll their eyes and take the person that posted the meme LESS seriously.  When I see a dumb meme, it just makes me think that the person cannot have an intelligent conversation on a topic so they just repost things that others have posted.

So, if you really want people to listen, give them something SUBSTANTIAL.

Instead of spending all this time making ridiculous memes, why don’t people truly educate others on all of the health benefits of the way of living they are proposing?  And not just by saying “I’ve never felt better.”  I have patients with diabetes who feel great when their blood sugar is 200.   Doesn’t mean that is healthy.

I know what way of living is best for me and I can back it up with proof that it has done some astounding things for my health.   That is why I have shared my lab results on this page from before and after my low carb journey.  In fact, I know MANY in the low carb community who do this.  The proof is in the pudding.  I think that is much more compelling than a dumb meme.

Memes are a way to get people to make decisions based on the conscience or beliefs of the one that posted them, NOT on evidence or proof (actually, they are are often designed to try to get people to ignore evidence and make a decision based on emotion instead.)

In regards to the meme above, I support 100% people’s right to make informed choices about their health based on their OWN beliefs and conscience, whatever that means to them, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, I don’t care, as long as the person made the decision after being well informed.  I DO NOT wish people to make UNINFORMED choices because they were shamed into a decision based on someone ELSE’S beliefs or conscience, posted on a meme.

Wishing you health and happiness!