Make Your Voices Heard With Your Wallet


I had to record this for you folks.

I love how the newscaster here states “if you are eating breakfast cereal, you are part of a dying breed.”

She has no idea how perfectly she hit the nail on the head. Folks that are consuming bowls full of sugar laden garbage for breakfast are dying earlier. In fact, it has been said that this generation of children will be the first in a long time to have a shorter lifespan than their parents. But the tide is turning. Cereal companies are facing continual record losses as “people are moving away from high carb breakfasts to foods that contain more protein and are fresher.”

Also hitting record low sales is LITE YOGURT!! Yay!! The health “halo” has been removed and people are seeing this junk for what it is, a cup of sugar. In fact, an article I read quoted that this is due to the fact that “yogurt with fat just tastes better” and that declines in “light” and “diet” products “reflect the fact that people are moving away from “calorie counting” in search of “calories that count.”

This just goes to show that our voices are not heard until we speak with our dollars.  The more we spend on whole, fresh, and even organic foods, the increased demand will drive prices down.  I often hear people say they cannot afford organic.  And for so many, that is true (it is often for me as well).  But I’d just like to plant a thought in your mind.  A few years ago, I decided to track how much our family spent on ALL food, both from the grocery store, and from eating out.  I found that in one month, our family spent nearly $450 eating out, as well as about twice that much on groceries.  I discovered that if we didn’t eat out, we had much more available funds for better quality food.  So, that might be something you could determine for yourselves.  Just remember to buy the best quality food you can afford.  This way we can speak with our wallet, letting food manufacturers know that we don’t want their processed junk!

Keep on “speaking!”

Eat real food 🙂