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So, folks!  I am super excited to be featured as a “Top Blog” this month in Low Carb Mag!

A few months ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by the absolutely pleasant Mark Moxom of Low Carb Mag.  It was a lot of fun!  My interview is now being featured in their January issue, where there is a brief article along with the video interview.

I will warn you in advance, when it comes to all things Low Carb, I LOVE to talk.  Poor Mark didn’t have a chance to get many words in, lol!  You’ll also have to pardon me. When I speak, I say “ya know” a lot. My mom usually reminds me by saying “no I don’t know.” Lol!

I hope you enjoy both this month’s issue and the article/video.

This month also featured a great article and interview with Will Harris, a rancher in Georgia that focuses on environmentally sustainable responsible, animal-welfare-focused farming.  I LOVED it!  The magazine also includes other great articles, videos, recipes and low carb products.

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(Video interview also below)

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NOTE: there is a slight blip in this video where there is a little bit of the interview is missing. Maybe about 15-30 seconds? It occurs at about minute 8:15 where it makes a total change in subject. In this blip, we completed talking about how people with Type 1 can achieve normal blood sugar with a low carb lifestyle (and of course, insulin). We then transitioned into talking about weight loss, where you hear me discuss that weight loss is not my PRIMARY focus. There are many ways to lose weight, most of them are unhealthy. So I focus on improving health first, and weight loss is a side benefit of getting healthy.

So with all its blips, here it is. Enjoy!


I am looking forward to working with Low Carb Mag again in the future to help spread the message of health and wellness.

Thank you for watching!

For those that have trouble viewing, below is a PDF version.

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