Why Is Low Carb Harder the Second (Third, Fourth) Time Around?


So, I received a question from a reader about why it is so hard to “low-carb” the second, third, (fourth, lol) time around. I get this question quite frequently. Rather than writing my own thoughts on this issue, I thought I’d find an expert on this subject and share their thoughts. You’re in for a real treat!

You may have noticed that when we talk about low carb, we interchangeably use the terms WOE and WOL (way of eating / way of living). Why? Why do we not say “low carb diet?” While the word “diet” simply refers to your regular way of eating, the word has become synonymous with something you do temporarily, usually to lose weight. But let’s think about this folks. If you do something TEMPORARILY, you get TEMPORARY results. In other words, if you want long lasting, or even permanent results, you have to commit to something long term, or permanently. “Diets” don’t work! That is why we call low carb a way of living.

However, for one reason or another, life happens and sometimes gets people off track. If you have gotten off track with low carb, you might find that getting restarted is fraught with obstacles, disappointments and lack of results. Why?

In my efforts to answer this question for so many people that have asked it of me, I was perusing the blog of Dr. Michael Eades who has prescribed low carb living to thousands of his patients. His insights are incredibly valuable.

Below are links to three articles he has written on the subject. Please read through all three as I found some of the most valuable information in the final article.

Without further ado…

Why Low Carb is Harder The Second Time Around, Part 1

More Thoughts on Why Low Carb is Harder The Second Time Around

Why Low Carb is Harder The Second Time Around, Part 2

Hope these are helpful to you!
Happy low carbing!