“My Doctor Told Me I Was “Normal”



Ever go to your healthcare provider with a health complaint, have a slew of labs done, only to be told that everything was “normal?”  If everything is normal, then why are you having symptoms of a problem?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you know your body best.  If you feel like there is a problem, you are most likely right.  Then why might you be told that everything is “normal” when it most certainly is NOT.


Let me say that between “normal” and “optimal” there is a thousand miles. For instance, according to lab values that your doctor may use, a fasting blood sugar of up to 110 (optimal is 80-85) and a fasting insulin of up to 35 (optimal is under 5) is still in the “normal” range when in actuality, a person with these health markers has very advanced metabolic disease, has likely had it for a decade or more, and is probably 95% of the way toward their diagnosis of Type 2. But, they will likely be told they are normal. They will be told they are normal until that one visit when “all of a sudden” they are blind-sided by being told they have Type 2, when in actuality, that diagnosis was in the making YEARS and YEARS ago.

Folks, if you are relying on the answer “everything is normal” from your healthcare provider, without questioning it, you could very well be in for some bad news about your health, and soon. If you don’t know what your ACTUAL lab values are AND what those numbers MEAN, then you have NO IDEA whether you are healthy or not. Normal labs values should not be your goal, optimal lab values should. And it often takes thorough research to find out what those optimal values are.

It will also take a great deal of research in finding healthcare professionals that are knowledgeable about more than just what med to prescribe.  It takes a professional that is willing to dig into the underlying symptoms and resolve the actual cause rather than just mask the symptoms with a pill.  There are professionals like that out there, but they are hard to find.  You will find that you will thoroughly need to educate yourself and be your own advocate for your health, knowing what labs to ask for and insisting on appropriate treatment for things that are out of order.

I have had to do this myself. So I feel for your struggles. 😦

Don’t settle for “normal.”