“Diabetic Normal” Blood Sugar Is NOT Normal Blood Sugar



I was doing another post today about “normal” vs “optimal” health markers (HERE).  This subject was deeply on my mind, but really deserved it’s own post.   Although this one will be short and sweet, to the point!

I need to ask…does this chart bother anyone else as much as it does me?  This chart that makes people think that a blood sugar of 150 or 180 is GOOOOOOOD!?!?  Diabetic or not, blood sugar that is 2-3 times true normal blood sugar is NEVER GOOD!

There has become a double standard in blood sugar control.  We have “normal” and we have “diabetic normal.”  Why?  How can you call blood sugar “normal” that is causing organ damage, is contributing to heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, and can lead to blindness and amputations?  Having a second standard of “normal” blood sugar, as in “diabetic normal” is giving those with diabetes the false sense of security thinking that an A1c of 6.0 – 7.0% is healthy, that they don’t need to modify their lifestyle any further because they are in the “normal” range.  This has done a HUGE disservice to those with diabetes.

Blood sugar is only normal when it is in the SAME RANGE as those WITHOUT diabetes.  There is only ONE normal.

“Diabetics are entitled to the same normal blood sugars as non-diabetics,” – Dr. Richard K. Bernstein (Type 1 Diabetic for 60+ years).  

Yes, they ABSOLUTELY are!  And that is what people with diabetes should confidently strive for.

Does that mean that every person with diabetes can ATTAIN true normal, non-diabetic, blood sugars?  Sometimes, sometimes not.  It depends on how long they have had diabetes, what damage has been done, and whether any of the damage is reversible.* Nevertheless, true normal blood sugar should ALWAYS be the goal.  “Diabetic normal” should never be settled for unless you have reached the max benefit from lifestyle change.  Often times, true normal blood sugar for those with diabetes takes considerable effort and sacrifice.  If you are doing everything you can to achieve true normal, non-diabetic blood sugars and it is not attainable, then you can rest assured that you are still doing the best you can for your health.  But if you are not putting forth much effort because you are “satisfied” with “diabetic normal” blood sugars, then, you can expect complications.

This subject is close to my heart.  I have a dear friend with A1c’s in the 6’s who thinks that this is just fine, that there is no need to give up candy+, that there was no need to exercise because her A1c is 6.8% and she has been told that this is “GREAT” control of her diabetes.  Did I mention that she can’t feel her feet?  She was told that this is just the “natural” progression of diabetes.  NO IT ISN’T.   It is the “natural” result of ABNORMAL blood sugars that didn’t have to be settled for.  There was more that she could do to achieve true normal blood sugar.  But she has been made to think she doesn’t need to.  And it is very difficult for me to convince her otherwise.

+Her nutritionist AND doctor both told her to have her candy “in moderation.”  Could someone PLEASE define “moderation?”

It’s time to stop the double standard.

Hence, I have added my comments to the chart. 🙂



If you are not satisfied with “diabetic normal” blood sugars that will lead to a host of complications, please feel free to read further on this website.  Or, check out these two great books (one written by a Type 1, one written by a Type 2) that are a MUST for anyone with diabetes who desires true, non-diabetic blood sugar.  It is possible!



*Type 1 is not reversible, but one can have “non-diabetic” blood sugar with Type 1 as well.