To Low Carb Purists – You Are Not Helping!


So, I’ve danced around this subject before on my page. (My previous post “What I Support Vs. What I Recommend” HERE.)  But in my effort to be kind about it, I may have not been direct enough. So it’s time to be blunt.

Low carb purists, you’re not helping!!

Phew! That felt good to say.

I often wonder why have some become so rigid about low carb? Although the vast majority of folks out there are happy, successful low carbers (this post is not really for you…keep up the awesome work!) some have become so obsessed with low carb.

There are some people who may NEED to be strict with low carb because they have a disease which requires it, those for whom excess carbs can cause an imminent, maybe even life threatening, problem, (such as those that have no ability to produce insulin or those that are using low carb for medically therapeutic reasons) That’s not who I’m about talking about. Also, being strict with YOURSELF is not the problem. I am strict with myself. The problem is when you impose YOUR standards on others.

The majority of us don’t have imminent, life threatening conditions. Often we are using low carb to address a chronic problem. We chose low carb to lose weight, control our blood sugar without any medication, or just because it is a healthy way to eat and makes us feel great!

Yet some folks have become so rigid that they cannot accept anything but perfection from themselves (which is their choice) OR ANYONE ELSE (which is the problem), especially people they know nothing about on social media. Some of these folks LOVE to comment and are quick to set others straight about what they should or shouldn’t be doing, about what low carb IS and what it ISN’T.

And you know, often these are really genuine-hearted folks with good intentions wanting to help other people. But when one makes disparaging remarks to others, IT IS NOT HELPFUL OR ENCOURAGING. Some people probably just found this page today and it is their first exposure to low carb. So please don’t comment as if all people should be where you are NOW, when you’ve been low carbing for a decade, you’ve read 50 books on the subject, you’ve honed your program, and have learned from your mistakes over time. Give everyone the courtesy of doing the same and support them instead of criticizing them.

It’s like one time I read an article that said unless all your produce was organic, your meat grass fed and your eggs pastured, you weren’t truly paleo. Really?

Here are some other comments I have seen…and my thoughts, lol…

“Normal fasting blood sugar is below 85; 87 is NOT normal fasting blood sugar.”
My thoughts? What if a person used to have a fasting blood sugar of 300? I bet they think 87 is just fine!

“My fasting blood sugar is 81. Should I fast to get it below 80?”
My thoughts? Really? There are way better reasons to fast than 2 points in your blood sugar. You’re no longer the “before” you’re the “after.” You’ve made it…enjoy!

“Low carbers don’t eat onions.”
My thoughts? I’m a low carber, I eat onions…

“Nobody should be deducting carbs from broccoli.”
My thoughts? Are we really debating 2g of fiber?

“Almonds have polyunsaturated fat, we shouldn’t eat them.”
My thoughts? You are more than welcome to avoid them. I, however, am about to dive into a Fathead pizza.

“6g of carbs is too much sugar in a meal.”
My thoughts? Not for me…

“You let your kids eat carrots?”
My thoughts? Sure do! Try not to report me to child protective services please.

I understand wanting to be in control of your health. We ALL want that. But when I feel myself getting too opinionated about low carb, I often have to step back and ask myself “there are still war and poverty in the world, right?” There are much bigger issues than a blood sugar of 101 or whether to go by total carbs or net carbs.

To quote one of my all time favorite musical artists in song (Billy Joel)… “I believe I’ve passed the age, of consciousness and righteous rage, I found that JUST SURVIVING was a noble fight.  I once believed in causes too, had my pointless point of view, but life went on no matter who was wrong or right….oh…”

No need to be so dogmatic about low carb.  In the world there exists issues of much greater importance that deserve our time and energy.  Find some of those things 😉

So for those that have become so rigid, I understand you may have good intentions, but really, it is not helpful to others. I’m willing to bet that the stress you are causing yourself might kill you faster than a carrot. So, by all means, be in charge of your health, but please don’t presume to be in charge of others’ health.

This page has two guiding principles that I do not waiver on… 1) eat real, whole food 2) limit carbs to the point where you can maintain optimal health markers, whatever that means to each person. Other than that, each person will be given the courtesy of finding what is right for them…and they will be supported in doing it.

I do not promote perfection, especially in others. We are all going through struggles no one knows. A wise quote…”The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating and a terrible waste of time.”