Simplifying the Message – Three Simple Rules to Good Health



Many, when they are totally new to LCHF or low carb living, are confused by the message. Should I count my macros? How much exercise should, I do? Can I eat fruit? And we, who have lived a long time with this way of living, have tons of advice that often overwhelms people, who may get frustrated and give up. We sometimes forget our own journey, how far we have come. So, for a beginner, I’d like to summarize how to start in 3 basic steps.

  1. Eat real food (without overeating it).  Real food typically doesn’t come with a nutrition label.  If it does, it may have 1-3 ingredients, all of which are ingredients that you are familiar with and can pronounce.  For the most part, food that comes in a bag, box or bottle on a shelf, is not real food.  (Some exceptions exist, like nuts, coconut oil, etc.)  You can avoid overeating by only eating only when you are hungry and stopping when you are satisfied (not when you have to loosen your belt).
  2. Eat to your meter.  Even among real food, there will be some foods that will raise your blood glucose too high, like most fruits, root vegetables and starches.  Keep your blood glucose regulated to normal (non-diabetic) levels.  If the food you are eating makes your blood glucose spike above normal levels, I would highly recommend eliminating it.
  3. Engage in health building activities.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Exercise vigorously most days of the week, actively manage stress, build supportive relationships and make giving a priority in life.