My New Passion


Although there are few subjects, besides my faith, that arouse such strong passion in me as diabetes, health and wellness, I have made room in my life for a new area that I am extremely passionate about.  Essential oils.  Yep, I’m one of THOSE folks now!  Lol!

Don’t just dismiss this article.  If you have followed this page for some time, you probably have come to trust this site as a source of very accurate and valuable health and wellness information.  Now, I am expanding my mission to help people take those health and wellness goals to a whole new level.  I will do this first by telling you a brief, but captivating, story, lol!

As you know, I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator who specializes in the prevention, management and reversal of diabetes and other health conditions through healthy lifestyle.  Besides the management of disease, however, it is my desire to promote total wellness. While healthy diet and physical activity are an integral part of that goal, in our modern, hectic world, these two aspects alone will often not bring total physical, mental and emotional health.

I felt the need to place greater focus on some of the areas that can have a huge impact on our wellness, such as stress reduction, healthy sleep habits and greater mental and emotional health, and how to achieve these trough natural solutions.

My own journey with essential oils came about after several decades of uncontrolled stress and sleep deprivation that contributed to weight gain, ill health and depression.  Before ever learning about oils, I embraced a healthy lifestyle, lost a significant amount of weight and reversed all of my health conditions.  (Many of you know my story.  But if you are new to this page, see my story HERE.)  But I still needed to decrease my levels of emotional stress, not to mention the need to improve my sleep quantity and quality, after years of feeding babies at night, followed by years of working nights as a nurse in a hospital setting.

I was introduced to essential oils by one of my fellow nurses.  I must admit, I was skeptical.  I was just reluctant to believe that a drop of oil could have any impact on my well being.  Within a few weeks, I was COMPLETELY convinced (surprising even myself).  😉 The improvement to my sleep was instant and profound.  The oils also had a deep effect on my mood and sense of well being.

I found it interesting that as I expanded my knowledge of essential oils, I encountered SO MANY healthcare professionals that use and endorse the use of essential oils. I found out that hospitals, medical facilities, doctors, nurses, nutritionists and wellness advocates all around the world use essential oils for their beneficial health properties. Then I got to thinking…why is this so?  Because those in the healthcare industry KNOW the detrimental effects of managing illness in the traditional way, pills and shots to mask symptoms, while never addressing the root causes of our health issues.  Essential oils get to the root causes of our health concerns and promote wellness at the deepest levels.  I am proud to be a part of the movement to promote wellness versus just putting an ineffective “band-aid” on illness.

I’ve been using essential oils for over 6 months.  However, I am still discovering new uses for essential oils daily, from improving the condition of my children’s skin, to  promoting their healthy respiratory function, to soothing my aches and pains (both general aches and pains, plus those from years of working on my feet performing physically demanding patient care), to using them to clean my environment without harsh chemicals.

I have helped many friends and family to see the benefits of essential oils and have had nothing but amazingly positive experiences related back to me.

Aren’t essential oils expensive?  No.  In actuality, they provide very inexpensive health solutions.  For instance, one drop of peppermint essential oil (which costs about 8 cents) equals the strength of about 28 cups of peppermint tea.  Because essential oils are SO potent, they are used in small quantities, typically a drop or two at a time, providing very cost effective, natural health solutions.

If you have chewed gum, taken medicine, used shampoo or perfume, you have unknowingly used essential oils.  Essential oils are used in a number of commercial products that you use every day.  However, these essential oils are not therapeutic, and provide little to no health benefits.  High quality, therapeutic grade, essential oils provide amazing health benefits.  I’d love to share with you just how…

You can view my essential oils website HERE.