Can I Say It Again? Don’t Force the Fat

Remember, LCHF (or KETO) is not a fat-free-for-all.  If you give your body more energy than it needs to burn in a day, it doesn’t matter how high your ketones are, you won’t be needing to tap into you fat stores, or as Dr. Westman calls it, your “on-board pantry.” Lol!

Now, when it comes to diabetes, some in the LCHF circles feel that controlling blood sugar is enough.   And yes, I think controlling blood glucose is the more important issue.  But once that has been accomplished (often this is accomplished very quickly on an LCHF way of eating), then one should put attention to weight loss if it is needed, particularly if belly fat is present.  Visceral fat is dangerous can effect hormones and inflammatory markers.  So, blood glucose is only part of the battle.  A healthy weight should be a goal to strive for.  (And I do not mean a healthy weight according to the BMI chart.  IMHO, that chart is ridiculous.  I mean achieving what is a healthy weight for “you.”  Where you feel good, your health markers are normal, you have energy and vitality, you can be regularly physically active, and you can fit into regularly sized clothes.)  This may mean cutting back on fat. I know that is considered blasphemy in some LCHF circles to even say the words “cut back on fat.” But keep in mind, you will still be getting the largest percentage of your macronutrients from fat.  And don’t worry, if you have body fat to burn, your body will consider burned body fat as “intake” as well.  You will not change your carb or protein portion, you will still be low carb – moderate protein – high fat, it’s just that the fat will come both from your plate AND your body stores.

My suggestion is to get low with carbs, the number of grams will vary dependent upon whether one is metabolically healthy and physically active or whether one has more advanced metabolic disease and / or uncontrolled blood glucose. Then, have moderate protein, which is about a palm-sized portion at meals, and then use fat to fullness, not until you have to unbutton your pants. 🙂  Once again, just because a food is blood glucose neutral, doesn’t mean we can gorge on it.  Overeating is overeating.  Please see my previous article “Don’t Force the Fat” HERE.

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