Low Carb Sweets and Treats – Yes or No?

Let me say first, that this page supports people on every part of their journey to good health with a low carb lifestyle.  But low carb doesn’t mean the same thing to every person.  Some people, like me, have to be very strict low carb in order to keep weight and metabolic markers controlled.  But some people that are metabolically gifted, have long term good health and normal weight, and just live a low carb lifestyle for the health benefits, may not have to be as strict at me.  For me, low carb doesn’t include sugar, grains, starches or 99% of fruit.  But others can sometimes tolerate some natural starches and some fruit (I still promote sugar and grain elimination for all people regardless of health or weight).

So what about low carb sweets and treats?  I have many followers who are adamantly opposed to any kind of sweets and treats, even if they are made with healthy nut flours and healthier, zero glycemic sweetener alternatives.  But many, especially earlier on their journey, use these treats to help them stay on their low carb lifestyle.  Some people just want them for pleasure and to enjoy life.  For me, eating sweet treats, even ones that are healthy, often makes me want more sweet treats.  So, I have to be careful because I may overeat.  I try to save them for special occasions.

I have read many criticisms on some of the low carb blogging websites I follow, where some who comment say that sweet recipes should not be posted on low carb or keto websites.  Once again, not everyone is low carb for weight loss or metabolic disease.  Some people are low carb simply for the health benefits, some are low carb and may even need to GAIN weight, some are high performance athletes, some of those recipes are for the children of those living a low carb lifestyle so that when these kids see their friends at school eating sugary sweets, they know that they can have a healthier alternative at home.  So not every recipe is designed for every person.

Do I have a problem with someone who posts sweet recipes?  No.  Why?  Because we eat a LOT of healthy recipes never get posted, because they don’t need recipes.  I don’t need to know how to grill a steak, bake some chicken, steam vegetables or make a salad.  I’ve done those things long before I was low carb and I don’t need any help with those recipes.  But if I am new to low carb, I might need to know how to make a homemade low carb tortilla, or biscuit or low carb dessert for a special occasion.  So, even if a person posts sweet recipes, I have no problem with that.  Those recipes are just replacements for the things that were unhealthy in our previous lifestyles.  Those are the recipes we need.

If I were to post a menu of what I eat every day, all of you would be bored to death, because I basically stick to grilled, baked or broiled meats, eggs, non starchy vegetables, fat and occasional nuts.  I don’t need recipes for 95% of what I eat.  But I like that I switched my kids from Eggo waffles, to almond flour yogurt waffles.  And I’m thankful for that recipe.  I like that I can bake strawberry lemon cheesecake for dessert when I’m entertaining and I can have one with my company.

So remember, low carb food bloggers aim to reach wide audiences on all stages of their low carb journey.  If you don’t like or need sweet treats, don’t eat them.  But no need to hold others to those same standards or preferences.  To each his/her own 🙂