Product Review: Choco-Perfection

Many of you that know me, know that I am not big on recommending products at all.  And when I do, it is ONLY products that I myself use and love.  I have been adamantly opposed to random ads on my page but have only carefully selected ads for products I would whole-heartedly recommend.  That is because the integrity of my page is more important than anything else.  I couldn’t care less if this page never generated a dime.  It is here as a free resource to help people.  So, I am super picky about anything I place on here.

Having said that, I have a confession to make.  I LOVE chocolate.  I tend to have very strong emotions attached to foods, and chocolate MAKES ME HAPPY.  Not just because of the taste, but it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy in my brain, lol!  Which is why it was hard for me to give up, oh so long ago.   Every once in a while, I will try to make my own version of  healthy chocolate treats at home, but they are typically not as good.  I also occasionally have a few squares of high percentage dark chocolate.  It is pretty decent, it is an acquired taste.  The final option is having an occasional “sugar free” store-bought chocolate, which can still cause a spike in blood glucose for me.  None of these were good options.  So, I have mostly just gone without it.

Many of you are familiar with Choco-Perfection.  I have seen this product in the low carb community for years.  Many of those whom I deeply respect in the low carb cooking circles use this product.  So I was excited to get to try it for the first time.  The packaging materials discussed how the creator of Choco-Perfection has lost 130 lbs on a low carb lifestyle, which included generous amounts of these chocolate bars.  Of course, for me, although weight is a concern, blood glucose control is an even bigger concern.  And these bars claim to not raise blood glucose.  So, I decided to put them to the test.

First, let me say when they came in, I immediately sampled the Dark European Chocolate, the Dark Almond Chocolate, the Dark Orange Chocolate and the Dark Mint Chocolate.  My children and husband did as well.   In the past, I have NEVER tried an orange chocolate that I liked.  However, ALL of the flavors were extremely rich and delicious.  My picky children loved them as well.  Their favorite is the Dark Chocolate Almond. Hands down, the best sugar-free product I have tried to date.

So, now that delicious taste was established, the real test would come…blood glucose.  I decided to start from a fasting state so that no other foods would interfere with my testing.  So, I woke up and had an entire Choco-Perfection Dark Chocolate bar for breakfast.  Yes, it was very hard, lol!!  NOT!  I will say that I had no NEED to eat an entire bar.  They are extremely rich and I was very satisfied with one or two squares (the squares are thick and large, there are 5 to each bar.)  I would not see myself regularly eating an entire bar at one sitting.  I could probably snack periodically throughout the day on one bar, but it was a lot for me for one sitting.  Nevertheless, I wanted to test the effect of a full sized bar, and so ate an entire one (at 7:00 a.m.)

  • Blood glucose 7:00 a.m. 89
  • Blood glucose 7:30 a.m. 91
  • Blood glucose 8:00 a.m. 88
  • Blood glucose 8:30 a.m. 90
  • Blood glucose 9:00 a.m. 87

As you can see, my blood glucose stayed within a 4 point range.  I would say that is “no” effect.  That type of variation could just be attributed to the meter itself and it’s allowable variation.  I would absolutely consider this zero effect.

I am excited to be able to have something that tastes this great and has zero glycemic impact.  Now, I will say a few things.  As I mentioned, two squares of this chocolate are extremely satisfying.  I try not to eat sweet treats often, so a case of 12 bars is something I anticipate lasting a very long time for me.

As a side note, after a week of eating some here and there, whenever I wanted a bit, I have had no weight gain.  In fact, I have had slight weight loss.  Coincidental?  Who knows.  But I am typically the type of person who can gain weight by just LOOKING at sweets.  So it was nice to have something this decadent and enjoyable, whenever I got the urge for it, and not have to pay any consequences.

Next, I wanted to address abdominal effects.  Both of my children are sensitive to certain sugar alcohols.  In fact, just one cookie with xylitol will have my son in the bathroom all day.  Xylitol, in our house, therefore, is considered a laxative.  I am less sensitive to sugar alcohols, but do notice increased “regularity” and gas with some sugar alcohols, as well as some stomach “rumbling.” Since I try to limit even healthier options of sweet treats, I don’t regularly eat sugar alcohols.  So I was interested to see how we would do with chicory root.  These bars do contain 14g of fiber.

The first day we received the products, we “tested” a significant amount of them.  I must admit, we went a little hog wild.  In the first 4 hours, there were about 3 full-sized bars and about 5 mini bars gone.  I have a family of 4, so I’m not sure how much each one of us ate, but I’m sure I had the most, lol.  None of us had any digestive upset or discomfort, no discernible increase in intestinal “emptying.”  I will say that there was a slight increase in gas when we ate a lot of the chocolate, but not when we ate it on other days in reasonable amounts.  It wasn’t uncomfortable, there was just increased noise (if you know what I mean) in the house the day we overate them.  This can be a common side effect of over-consuming this type of fiber.  The solution?  Don’t overeat them.  This is common sense anyways.  Just because something is healthy, doesn’t mean we need to overeat it.  I get gas and stomach discomfort when I overeat avocados.  Overeating is overeating, whether the food is healthy or not.

Sweets, even healthy ones, are easy to overdo.  For those of us that have battled a “sweet tooth,” and we find healthy alternatives, we often think it is ok to have them in abundance.  Remember, we don’t want to take our unhealthy eating habits from our old lifestyle and just carry over those bad eating habits to our new way of eating.    I think you could use these as safe, healthy treats, having a few squares here and there and it would be very satisfying and an effective way to deal with cravings, or to just treat yourself without the fear of high blood glucose and weight gain.

I will say, that after about a week of having some here and there, my husband gave me another “sugar free” chocolate that I used to eat and it tasted sickeningly sweet.  So these chocolate bars have somewhat re-set my perception of sweetness, decreasing my desire for other things that are sweeter.  That was an unexpected bonus.

I am placing a link on this page to the Choco-Perfection chocolate bars.  If low carbing is difficult for you because you miss sweet things, these may be just what you need to deal with those sweet cravings in a healthier way.  Or, if you are a long time low carber like me, and just want to pamper yourself with something decadent, these will certainly do the job!


From one chocolate lover to another!