Reactive vs Proactive


Reactive: defined

When a problem occurs, you simply react to it. The problem was never truly rooted out before it occurred and may even have been preventable, had it been identified. This is commonly called “fire fighting” or “putting out fires.”

Reactive approach to health:
Eat the Standard American Diet
Be sedentary
Stay up late
Have uncontrolled stress
Take lots of pills to mask symptoms
Never question your healthcare provider
Have overall poor quality of life
Be dependent on others

Proactive: defined

With proactive thinking, you are able to try to eliminate the possibility of the problem even occurring in the first place. You strive to think out problems that may occur and you implement safeguards to try and stop them from occurring.

Proactive approach to health:
Eat right
Get enough sleep
Manage stress
Use quality supplements to address root causes
Do your own diligent research about health, stay informed
Pursue physical and emotional wellness
Help others