Diabetic Dogs


If you look back at the history of dogs, what was it that your dog’s ancestors ate in the wild? MEAT and bones. Did you ever notice that the major ingredient in all dog foods today is grain? Why? Because it’s CHEAP! And somehow the low fat mentality has even crossed over to dog food. Have you ever noticed the “weight control” dog food formula is almost all grain, no meat? I was wondering why our dog was becoming morbidly obese over the years on the “weight control” dog food. How could he NOT? It’s all made of grains, yes, the same thing we give to cows, pigs and chickens to make them fat.

Look at this display at a veterinarian’s office. Can you guess why these dog foods would cause excessive itching and thirst? You’ve got it, doggie diabetes. Feeding your dog grains (instead of a meat based diet like their ancestors) over-taxes and burns out the insulin producing cells of the pancreas. Dogs were not adapted to eat this amount of cheap, processed, refined carbohydrates, just as we humans were not. Twelve years on BENEFUL dog food and our dog is now on 2 insulin shots a day. He had all the classic symptoms of diabetes, itching, excessive thirst and urination. We thought he was dying. Couldn’t walk 15-20 feet without collapsing. Only to find out his blood glucose was in the high 400’s.

Our veterinarian told us that there were two dog food options for my newly diagnosed diabetic dog. They were both “weight control” formulas and guess what the main ingredient was? CORN. I challenged her to tell me how CORN would control weight or blood glucose. She had no clue.  Thankfully, I wasn’t clueless.

Needless to say, he’s off all grains and on to home cooked meat and veggies. He’s lost a bunch of weight and all symptoms gone. Unfortunately, it is too late to restore function in his pancreas. Nevertheless, he’s a new dog. Energetic and playful. He’s not crazy about the insulin shots but he’s loving the new menu.

For the life of your beloved family pet, please stay off processed grain dog foods.

After writing this article, I ran into this excellent lecture by Dr. Tim Noakes.  About 10-12 minutes in, Dr. Noakes discusses why our animals are getting sick and diabetic from eating a diet they were not designed to eat.  Watch video HERE.