The Diabetic Food Pyramid


This food pyramid has caused an epidemic of illness, obesity and type 2 diabetes, yet strangely enough, it is still the diet being promoted for those people afflicted with these conditions.


This is food pyramid* promotes wellness and reverses disease.

Every day in my profession as a diabetes educator, I hear the phrase, “it’s all about moderation.”  Strangely enough, those words are only spoken when referring to foods that are garbage, as if to give oneself “permission” to eat them.  In fact, the term “moderation” has no meaning at all, as it is defined only by the one using it.  One person may feel that moderation is 2 cookies, another may feel that moderation is 6, or more!  (Comical video HERE.)  Who is right?  Neither!

It’s not all about “moderation” or “portion control.”  It is about removing foods that are making us obese and sick, foods that are processed, and have no nutritional value.  It is about replacing these man-made death-causing foods with real, whole, unprocessed foods that heal and restore. Does that mean that forever, until you leave this earth, you’ll never have a cookie?  No.  But moderation should be defined as “very rarely”…a “rare special occasion.”  (Better yet, make a healthy cookie.) As a wise man once said “every time you eat, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”  How often do you want to feed it?  Your choice.

New Research:

“Everything in moderation’ diet advice may lead to poor metabolic health in US adults.”

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