Arguing About Nutrition – Helpful?


This post has been brewing in me for about two months. It is a bit lengthy, so bear with me. The reason I have hesitated, is because it is a negative post.

Does anyone else get tired of nutritional debating on social media? I have to say that so far I’m very thankful that the majority of the followers on my pages and groups have been respectful and courteous to each other. On many pages I have seen nutritional debate get so heated that people resort to name-calling, personal attacks and using curse words. Does anybody learn from that? Is it constructive, educational or supportive in any way? Then I see people that own pages or blogs intentionally post controversial statements just to get people riled up. They may post a statement like this “All fat is bad. What do you think? Go!” And people proceed to go nuts. ┬áThat is a waste of time and serves more to separate people then to bring them together.

There is no one way that is good for every human being. Some experts out there are right about a lot of things and wrong about a few things. I’m not going to ignore all the things they are right about just because they’re not a 100% perfectly right about everything. I take what is good and helpful for me and discard the rest. Then I share my experiences and my successes and failures in the hopes that they can help someone else. That person can then take what is helpful to them and discard the rest. I CERTAINLY don’t have ANYWHERE NEAR all the answers. And I’m more than happy to hear your experiences and opinions even when they are not the same as mine. In fact, that is how I keep learning. But why argue about it? Why name calling?

In the end, if no “expert” is 100% reliable, how do you wade through all of the misinformation out there and arrive at what is best? First, you need to see if a person’s claims are based on some evidence. Evidence that is from a reliable source, is not tainted or biased or misinterpreted due to personal agenda. Good luck with that!!! That is hard to do. But if you find a source you believe to be reliable (not perfect, mind you), try some of the information out on yourself. How did it make you feel? Did you experience good results? Did your health improve (as evidenced by things such as lowered blood sugar, lowered blood pressure, normalized cholesterol levels, increased energy, etc, etc.)? Then you are on the right path for you.

I post a lot of content in this site from people I believe to be leaders in the field of nutrition research. Yet there is not one I agree with 100%. But I believe that they have a lot to offer, they are working hard in the field of nutrition research and they deserve my respect. Take pieces from all of them and put together a program that is uniquely right for you!

Wishing you all health and happiness!