My First 21 Days as a Diabetes “Warrior” and My Dexcom Experiment

About a month ago, I discovered this book. I’ve been LCHF for close to two years, had already lost 80 lbs, reversed my pre-diabetes without medication, eliminated my high blood pressure and cholesterol problems, fixed my reflux and other complaints, like insomnia. All gone.  I am medicine free. But I was 20 lbs from my goal and needed to refine my program just a bit more to reach my goal. I stumbled across this book. It was just what I needed.


As someone with a history of blood sugar control issues, I will always and forever be cognizant of keeping my blood sugars controlled.  I also personally believe it is one of the most important factors to good health. When I found this book, I was just about to start a 21-day challenge with folks in my group, with the intention of building healthy habits. It was the perfect time to put the program in this book to work. So I stocked up on meats, lots and lots of non starchy veggies, eggs (I have my own chickens), and fats, mostly butter. I cooked large batches of them. Within just a couple days on the program, my weight was moving for the first time in a long time, and my fasting blood sugars were dropping.

Then something really exciting happened. I had the opportunity to wear a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) as a demo. I am a diabetes educator and I prefer to self test all of the equipment. I have worn several insulin pumps (with saline of course) so that I can better teach the use of the equipment to my patients. In my experiment with the CGM, following the program in this book, I spent 30% of my time with my blood sugars in the 70’s and the remaining 70% of the time with my blood sugars between 80-100.  I never went over 100 while wearing the monitor.  This was really fantastic, but I’ll tell you what is even better.

The CGM not only tells you your blood glucose every 5 minutes, it tells you how rapidly you are rising and falling. If you are rising 1-2 points per minute, you get an arrow angled upwards. If you are rising 2-3 points per minute, you get a straight up arrow. If you are rising more than 3 points per minute, you get a double up arrow. These parameters are the same for downward arrows, when your blood sugar is falling. When your blood sugar is steady, you get a straight, right-pointing arrow. Why is this important? Fast rises and sharp falls are not good for the body.  Besides, they can make you feel lousy. So here is the amazing thing. NOT ONCE in 6 days of wearing the CGM and following the program did I EVER see an up or down arrow, ever. I typically never had an increase of more than 7-10 points for a generous meal, and it was such a slow rise, that the arrows never moved!!

Here is my steady arrow.  Each one of those dots represents a blood sugar check.  My blood sugar was extremely stable.


This graph shows my average glucose readings, averaged 79-89.

This graphs shows my average blood sugar of 85 with 70% of my readings between 80-100 (as I never went over 100) and 30% of my readings between 70-80 (which is not low).


Why would anyone that is looking to control their blood sugar NOT want exactly this? And bonus, I lost 8 lbs over the 21-day period. I feel like I could have lost 10, but a few extra nuts and dairy (cheese, creams, I do not drink milk) sometimes crept in when I didn’t have food prepared. Not that I’m against nuts and dairy, I love them. But I have found that they stall my weight loss a bit, and for me, should be considered treats.

I’m extremely grateful to have found this book. It is my goal to continue with this plan indefinitely. I’m loaded with energy, my blood sugars are perfect, I feel great and my scale is moving. I will probably stay on this plan 90% of the time, and 10% of the time will allow myself LCHF foods that I enjoy like nuts, dairy and berries.

I sincerely recommend this book for anyone needing to control their blood sugars and/or lose weight.  If you are interested in the book, click the book image above for more information.

Thanks for sharing in my experiment!  Good health to you!

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